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C O M M O N    S K I N C A R E   M I S T A K E S

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Not wearing SPF daily

Sunscreen is not only for summer, hot days and beach holidays. It should be applied daily in your morning routine after your moisturiser and under your makeup. 

Don't forget to apply all over your face, neck, decolette and lips and ears too. 

Sleeping with make-up 

Evening skincare routine is for me my "me time". It makes me feel so relaxed and refreshed after long day. Cleansing our face daily in the morning and in the evening ( evening double cleansing) is very important element of our skincare routine. At night while we sleep our skin cells rebuild and repair. Sleeping in make-up will dehydrate your skin, block the pores and cause breakouts. 

Using one towel for several days and not changing your shits often 

Applying products with dirty hands

Doing extractions at home. 

Eating unhealthy food

Cleansing your face too often during the day

We should clean our face twice a day. Am and double cleanse at pm. 


Washing with very hot or cold water 

Wash your skin sing lukewarm water.  

Not double cleansing at night

Changing products too quickly

Using retinol during the daytime 

Retinol is a very powerful ingredient. It can't be used in the daytime because is unstable when is exposed to heat and light. Use your retinol only before going to bed.Retinol can be found under names, Retinol, vit A , Retinyl palmitate, Retinyl acotate, Retinyl linolecate, Retinoic acid, Retinoaldehyde, Retinyl esters. 

Applying moisturiser on dry skin

Imagine our skin like a sponge. When it's damp, our products penetrate and absorb better. Before applying your moisturiser add into your routine a hydrating mist, essence or serum ( I use all and my skin loving it ) and follow with your moisturiser.

Please make sure your skin is damp - you will thank me one day for this tip :)


Exfoliation isn a great way to remove dead skin cells, but over-exfoliating can damage your skin barrier. 

Layering too many skincare products

Thinking more is better is not always doing good for your skin. Skincare products contain a lot of ingredients like, retinol, AHA, BHA, Vit C, niacaniamide, and many more. Layering and mixing some of this ingredients in one routine can irritate your skin, make it red or dry, sensitive and simply not giving your skin results you are looking for. Some of the skincare ingredients just can't be mixed togeter, and some yes and they will give your skin beautiful results. 

Please always read your products ingredients before to exactly know what you are putting on your skin.

That includes all products, not only skincare. Your make-up, body cream, shower gel, shampoo. Just be aware. 

Forgetting about our neck and decolette 

Not moisturising, or only at the evening 

This is very common mistake. Morning skincare routine is as much important and beneficial like the night one. 

If you are one of this ladies who is avoiding moisturising in the morning because your skin is oily and you think you don't need or you don't want moisturiser to avoid the shiny oily look - please stop. Oily skin needs moisture too and it can be often dehydrated. 

There is so many wonderful light wear and  water based moisturisers which will fit your skin needs. 

Moisturiser product is one of the most important skincare product you need to use. 

Not drinking enough water. Simple, but how important. 

Using unclean make-up products

That's one of the common reason of developing acne. 

Sleeping on cotton pillowcase

Not cleaning your phone

Yes, how often we think about this ... and how important is to make sure your phone is clean from tons of bacteria. Get yourself into the habit to clean your phone every day. 

Not applying a specific nighttime skincare products

Morning and evening they have different job to do for your skin. 

Not changing your pillowcase often

I change my pillow every day 

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