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C L A Y  M A S K


A healing blend of Essential Oils combined with Kaolin and Bentonite Clay make this mask ideal for any type of skin. Combining different types of clay allows the mask to become more versatile and adapt its use to whichever base cream is used, offering a beautiful solution to a host of skin needs. Typically, clay masks have one purpose; to draw impurities out from the skin. The LM clay mask does the exact opposite - it pushes products deeper into the skin to treat particular skin problems and issues. Amazing results can be achieved using a base product in conjunction with the LM Clay Mask once every week in your home care regime.

Perfect combinations:

  • Phyto 4+ as a base cream to firm, combat excess oil, redness and breakouts

  • LM2 as a base cream to add Hydration

  • Net-45 as a base cream for Anti-Ageing

  • Q3 as the base cream for Moisturising and Anti-Ageing

  • V-Tox as a base cream for Anti-Ageing

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This useful guide offers tips on how to get the most out of your product.


Apply a thick layer of base cream all over the face and neck. Take a generous amount of clay mask in the palm of the hand and add in a small amount of the same base cream.


Mix together and apply over the face and neck. Adding a little of the base cream to the clay allows it to spread easily over the face. Allow the clay to dry completely and then remove with warm water.


Spray the face with hydrating mist and apply a thin layer of the same base cream.

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