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G  E  L    C  L  E  A  N  S  E  R


Gel Cleanser removes the build-up of dead skin cells on the surface whilst also working at a deeper level to dissolve excess sebum that may cause blocked pores. A light texture, and a fresh touch – Gel Cleanser will quickly become a new favourite in your skin cleansing regime. Beautifully scented with natural notes of lavender and citrus; it leaves the skin feeling clean but never dry. 

A  G E L  C L E A N S E R  S U I T A B L E  F O R  A L L  S K I N  T Y P E S

For those who prefer a foamy, lathered cleanse with plenty of warm water. Ingredients such as Allantoin, Aloe Vera & Lavender Oil will purify, soothe & refresh the skin whilst Salicylic Acid; with its anti-septic properties, will dissolve any remaining traces of dirt and dead skin cells. Suitable for both morning or evening use and suitable for all skin types.

Cleansing - Vital to all good skin care regimes, cleansing is frequently the area where most are neglectful. Face wipes may seem like an easy solution but can often strip skin of essential oils that are important, without reaching underlying sebum that can clog pores.

Use both morning and night - Skin should be cleaned thoroughly, using quality products both morning and night to remove all traces of make-up, dead skin cells, surface pollution and SPF creams. Particular attention should be paid to the hairline, eyebrows and facial folds. Any build up will create a barrier preventing active ingredients penetrating the skin and working at their optimum level.

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H O W   T O  U S E   G E L  C L E A N S E R

This useful guide offers tips on how to get the most out of your product.


Take an amount of product into the palm of your hand, approximately 2-3 pumps is ideal or the size of a small to medium coin.

Add warm water and work up a lather between your palms and fingers, then transfer the product to your face starting at the cheeks using circular movements.


Work down the face towards the jaw and neckline and then back up onto the face.

If required add a little more water and thoroughly work the product around the face to loosen particles of dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum.

To remove the product, dampen a face cloth with warm water and wipe the entire face. If required repeat the process until the face is thoroughly clean.

Finish your cleanse by spraying Hydrating Mist over the entire face and neck.

It is very important to cleanse the skin both morning and night for products to work at their optimum level.

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