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H O W  T O  G E T  R I D  O F  B O D Y  A C N E 

Body acne can be problem for many of us. Many of my clients ask me daily for tips how to rid of the body acne. I'm not sure if I will be able to help you with this struggle but hold on, skincare is not about perfection, it is about sharing the journey. 

So when it comes to body acne it can be really difficult to treat because there's so many reasons why could it be happening in the first place. It could be just because you are more prone to have acne on your body, your lifestyle, the type of clothing you wear, and the body skin can be extra tricky too. Taking care of your body can be a bit more work than taking care of your face. Body care is not as normalised as face care. 

First let's talk about lifestyle, that can be the big if not the primary why you have body acne. 

Our body is going through a lot every single day and even when you use the best possible products, lifestyle is contributing to body acne in first place, products will not help. And that's the main thing to begin from. The most important thing is you have to be consistent. It's like taking care of your face. 

FIRST if you exercise a lot and you have sweaty clothes you need to remove them imidately and shower. This will minimise the expose of your skin to the sweat and bacteria. Also keep attention into your clothing when you go to sleep. Change your bedsheets frequently. If you don't change your sheets regulary you are exposing your body to bacteria.

Change your towels regularly too. Because they can hold lots of bacteria . 

Change your sports clothing . It's not only about the material but because it's so tight against your skin and if your body is naturally producing sweat it can trap it in and doesn't really give your body room to breathe. 

Yes it is important to shower and clean your body but make sure you're not cleansing your body too much. Don't over-cleanse. I recommend showering twice a day. If you're constantly cleansing and stripping the body moisture it can lead to problems. 

My product recommendations: 

Body Cleanser - I recommend using cleanser that has active ingredients - use one which has benzyperoxide. Benzyperoxide is amazing ingredient to help with acne. It has abilities to treat the acne and prevent the bacteria causing acne in the first place. Make sure you leave the product on your skin for at least one minute and rinse off. You can use every single day. 

Body spray - they are great because they are very light especially when you live in humid climate. They are easy to apply. I personally recommend using salicylic acid. It's an amazing ingredient and helps with acne, works really well along with benzyperoxide. 




I recommend to use stronger exfoliant. I recommend using products with AHA . 


And finally if nothing helps you with body acne then I recommend seeing a dermatologist. Sometimes our body is very difficult to treat when it comes to acne and going to a dermatologist for a prescription will be very helpful. 

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