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H O W   T O  P R O T E C T  O U R  S K I N  F R O M  T H E  C O L D 

Blowing Snow

The challengers for skin in the winter are twofold, basically the change in temperature from outside to inside. Skin needs protection from the environment especially when it is extremely cold as the skin can become dry and irritated but also some protection inside if the temperature of your central heating has been turned up. 

A M A Z O N  F R O M  L I N D A  M E R E D I T H  
is the perfect product to prevent both issues due to the uniqueness of the ingredients. It contains powerful anti-oxidants that can act as an anti-inflammatory if the skin becomes irritated due to the cold weather. It also acts as a protective barrier sealing the  surface layer helping to prevent any moisture loss.

Remember to adjust your skincare regime for the cooler months. Swap  for richer more occlusive creams to seal the skin and lock moisture in. 

Exfoliate your skin regularly to remove the build up of dry, dead skin cells as this will allow your serums, oils and hydrators to penetrate properly.

What we eat makes such an impact on our skin. Increase your intake of essential fatty acids by eating more oily fish, avocado, activated nuts and seeds. Try swapping coffee and red wine for water and herbal teas. This will help to keep your skin plump, moist and hydrated from within.

Excessive exposure to air conditioning and heating will deplete your skin of it’s natural oils and moisture.

Never sleep with the aircon or heater running throughout the night.

Avoid long hot showers, and moisturise your body as soon as you’re out. 

Please  continue to wear sunscreen  throughout winter as the sun is just as harmful to our skin in the colder months.

Use a humidifier to keep moisture in the air.

Take shorter baths and showers.

Choose warm rather than hot water, which dries the skin and can exacerbate eczema and other skin conditions.

Use a gentler facial cleanser and exfoliator to prevent stripping moisture.

​​Apply moisturizers immediately after a shower, when skin is still damp, and in the evening or before bed.

Try nourishing body oils such as coconut oil and argan oil, tea tree oil, rose oil, rosehip oil for the face.

Once or twice a week, use a hair mask to treat your hair to extra moisture and prevent split ends.

Stock up on hand cream and lip balm to keep at work, in the car, and in your purse.

Make time for exercise since sweat helps release toxic chemicals and clear pores.

Drink a glass of water every hour to stay hydrated. Don’t go out in the cold with damp skin.

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