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A B O U T   M E 


I'm a Skin Specialist and Linergist with over 20 years of experie. I've been fortunate to live and study in London for 17 years. 

                 I love my job, its my passion ...

I moved to London to study and work in the World Of Beauty. I worked with the most prestige spas and clinics I could  only ask for. 


For the last 10 years I worked for Linda Meredith at her Clinic in the heart of London, Knightsbridge.  It was there that I realised the power of skincare. I developed a true passion on products and ingredients and learned so much from extremely knowledgeable Linda Meredith.

What a learning journey from Facialist and Skin Specialist to an International trainer for Linda Meredith. 

Now as a business owner myself I realise how much that job prepared me for where I am right now. 

Facials and treatments with me is more than a facial- it's a holistic treatment for the skin and soul. I love that I'm able to show people that they are beautiful inside and out.


I give everything I have - my love and my passion to my work.


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