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 T H E  I M P O R T A N C E  O F  L A Y E R I N G   P R O D U C T S

Beauty Products Containers

The importance of layering products is to achieve the maximum results from the products you are using. 
Every LM product has been designed with its own combination of essential ingredients to support the skin, so using more than one product by layering two or three you are giving your skin the best possible support to stay glowing and youthful.
It may sound complicated to those who have always used one product thinking it would take too much time to apply three or four, however, it is not. The reason being the first products you apply absorb very quickly.

In skincare products, ingredients fall into 3 categories, humectants, emollients and occlusives and sometimes these properties can overlap into more than one product.
To keep it simple the products which contain more humectant properties should be applied first. Emollients second and occlusive last sealing in the other two. Humectants draw moisture from the environment into our skin increasing hydration. 

Emollient can be either oil or water based but their main purpose is to soften condition and improve of our skin as they can deliver important nutrients into the skin. These products are moisturisers for both day and night as they feed the skin by replenish the components which begin to deplete as we age. 

Topical products work on the surface. We call them occlusive as they have ingredients with larger molecular structure too big to be absorbed but instead remain on the surface. So occlusive product will be for example your foundation, SPF creams. 

Always apply the finer products first ( humectants ) then a preferred day/night cream (emollient) and finally an occlusive product like amazon from Linda Meredith to seal in the other products and prevent moisture loss during the day and night revealing beautiful plumped skin. 

Remember to use the spf daily. Spf and foundation will help to seal the important products  in and protect the surface layer. 


One final point, listen to your skin. If you are applying products in the right order and your skin absorbs them quickly and feels tight your skin is still hungry so apply more .You cannot overload water based products they are absorbing to feed and nourish our skin.

Recommended Skincare Routine


Mist or Essence
Treatment Serum
Eye Cream
Face Oil


Oil Cleanse/Balm
Active Cleanse
Mist or Essence
Eye Cream 
Face Oil

Ensure that you apply all of your products down over the neck and decolette, and remember less is definitely more!


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