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N E T-45 C R E A M


Rich and luxurious, Net-45 contains ingredients such as Beta Glucan, Vitamin A and B5 which will nourish and feed the skin while it sleeps, leaving the skin rejuvenated and rebalanced. Citrus oils such as Lime & Orange help brighten the skin and reduce the signs of age spots (pigmentation) so can also be applied on the chest and hands. Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado & Camellia Oil coupled with Chamomile & Geranium will nourish and repair the skin leaving it well moisturised.


As we age our skin starts to show visible signs of damage, lines, wrinkles, dullness, loss of elasticity, smoothness and ‘so-called’ age spots. All these signs are caused, partially by normal exposure to the environment, meaning UV exposure, drying winds, low humidity etc.
Normal sequential ageing causes the body to be less than optimum in the production of essential skin elements (proteins, collagen, elastin, moisture levels (water), ceramides etc). These environmental attacks often result in breakdown of our RNA sequencing, preventing the skin from repairing itself as it was designed to do and being less capable of responding as when we were younger.

Skincare can no longer be neatly categorised based on age or type. Modern living and environmental factors have turned this on its head; whilst mature skin may lack the support system of younger skin, in the 21st Century younger skin has its own unique problems. The versatility of Net-45 can be used to address a wide range of skin needs, and is powerful and effective across all age groups.

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This useful guide offers tips on how to get the most out of your product.


Apply approximately the size of a medium coin’s worth of product between both
hands, then apply to the face starting just under your cheekbones.


The product has a rich texture and should be spread over the entire face and neck using upward movements. Be careful not to apply too close to the eyes as the product may be too heavy for the eye area.


Carefully massage the product into the skin and very quickly you will feel the texture of the product change to more like a Serum, the product can now be moved in any direction covering the entire face and neck, NET-45 is ideal for morning or evening use.

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