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Enlarged pores and why doesn't everyone have them


We all have skin pores. Some have them more visible than others, but we all have them, without exception. This is how our skin is built, and the skin pores themselves play an important role for it. They are responsible for thermoregulation and removal of toxins from our body. Because of them, the skin breathes.


Their size depends on several factors. We have the action of genes here, but also the type of our skin. The fatter and thicker it is, the larger the pores. It is also worth mentioning poor care or skin diseases such as acne. What's more, the pores also expand when there are abnormal processes in the skin, e.g. overproduction of sebum and irregular exfoliation of the epidermis.


 Extended pores - what to do and  how to start 


From the beggining and most important,  there is no one treatment or one cosmetic that will immediately eliminate enlarged pores. This is a process that can take weeks or even months. What counts is patience and regularity in action.


Skin examination - that's where you should start. Such a test will allow you to prepare for treatments and choose the right care.


The next and daily step in your daily care is thorough cleansing of the skin. Wash the skin with water, preferably cool (it will additionally shrink the pores). It is worth using foams and gels that contain AHA / BHA acids in such washing. All oil-based cosmetics I don't recommend.


Introduce exfoliating lotions to your daily evening care and wipe the places where the pores are the most widened. Look for products that contain salicylic, glycolic, lactic and azelaic acids.


Peels, or exfoliation.   I especially recommend homemade cavitation. A great solution for the skin and amazing results!


There are several cosmetic treatments that will help you fight against enlarged pores. For now, start  implementing your first steps today. Skin examination, deep cleansing, toning, exfoliating lotions, regular peelings or cavitation.

Why Are Some Pores Larger Than Others

If we have naturally oily skin where too much sebum is produced, then our  pores can become blocked with this excess oil. This traps dirt, makeup, bacteria and dead skin cells inside the pores, leading to blackheads, spots, and enlarged, visible pores. 

But having oily skin isn’t the only reason our pores can become more visible. Here’s some of the other reasons this can happen: 

 - Our genetics

 - Sun exposure

 - Age - as we age, we lose levels of collagen, that keeps the skin youthful, firm and plump. As collagen levels decline, the skin begins to droop, causing a microscopic dragging effect on the pores, causing them to appear larger. 

 - Smoking - always a big no no, for so many reasons, smoking can also affect the skin by causing the blood vessels to narrow, meaning that oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin is restricted. 

 - Lifestyle - stress, a poor diet and dehydration will also inevitably have a visible effect on the health and appearance of the skin and the pores.

 - Skincare - using wrong skincare products.

Is it Realistic to Expect Pores to Shrink

It isn't possible to permanently reduce the size of our skin pores. But it is possible to reduce the appearance of them

Cleanse twice a day

Let's  start with cleansing. In order for the pores to be less visible, but also not to clog them, you must properly remove makeup (2 steps in the evening ) and wash with water in the morning. I recommend products with light consistency, which contain salicylic or glycolic acid.

Always tonic after cleansing


After a cleansing of the skin, you should use a toner that will balance the pH of the skin. You can't forget about it.

Every other day, in the evening care, I recommend using an exfoliating liquid, which we apply after toning. Wipe with a damp cotton pad (once) places where the skin is extremely oily and enlarged pores are visible. Regular use of this type of products brings amazing results. 


On a regular basis will give the appearance of smaller pores by decongesting the buildup of dead skin cells and excess oil.

Use a Retinol serum 


As we age the loss of collagen and elastin can cause the structure and shape of our pores to sag and collapse.

Protect your skin from the sun 

Sun exposure also breaks down precious collagen and elastin, resulting in larger pores and coarse skin texture so apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF each and every morning.


In the morning routine, focus on hydration, which is a must when using preparations with acids. We do not want to dry the skin too much, but work on increased sebum production and reduce the visibility of pores. All skin types should be moisturized. Therefore, reach for cosmetics with light formulas,, not greasy. However, in the evening care we have to act a bit differently.



Try a face mask with clay or charcoal to draw out excess oil and impurities, and decongest your pores. Don’t squeeze  blemishes and blackheads will only result in inflammation, micro trauma and infection. This will result in larger pores and even scarring. 

Additional care in the fight against enlarged pores


I recommend you to use homemade cavitation instead of cosmetic, mechanical peelings.

In cosmetics, look for such active ingredients as Asian pennywort, vitamin C, yeast extract, AHA and BHA acids, pro and prebiotics, retinol, clays, algae. Remember about moisturizing, regular exfoliation, good cleansing and of course about proper UV protection. 

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