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1. What ' magic ' ingredients should be looking out for and why ?

Unfortunately, looking for magic ingredients is not necessarily lead to perfect skin, it is much more than that. Hyaluronic Acid nicknamed '' The key to eternal youth '' is a prime example. Yes, it is one of the magic ingredients, however if the level inside a product is not high enough it will do nothing. As lay consumers we have no idea what that level is, as each company has its own formula which is kept secret. 

What are the top foods help with healthy, younger looking skin ?

Diet has to be a fine balance of nutrients. Most of us understand the PH of our skin, which is its protection, preventing bacteria and viruses which may cause skin problems such as acne, eczema and 
many other issues. what most of us dont know is that the PH inside the body is the key to our health. It is regulated by the food we eat which should be more alkaline than acidic. 

3.What other lifestyle changes really make a difference to skin health ?

As we know 60% is genetic so there maybe someone who eats all the wrong foods, has a terrible lifestyle and looks great. Listen to your body, it gives us signs and has all the answers. The problem today is that we do things in excess such as reading or being told it is healthy to eat a lots of fruit. Each of us has a limit and our body lets us know when we go over that limit. For example, if you see small red spots in the centre of your chin your body is giving you a sign that you are overdosing on too much fruit, in particular berries. Reduce the amount and they will start too disappear . Everything is moderation.

4. The biggest anti-aging myth ?

The biggest anti-ageing myth is that you start using anti-ageing products in your mid-forties or fifties. What keeps or skin youthful and plump is collagen which is supported by  hyaluronic acid. These are vitally important components our body produces to keep us looking young. However, from our mid-twenties the body's production of both begins to slow down and from that point we slowly begin to age.
The problem for us all is that it is invisible on the surface for at least another ten years and then one day we wake up and wonder where that wrinkle come from. 

What's the ultimate skincare routine to help turn back time ?

The ultimate skincare regime is to actually take the time to do it. We all want to look good as
possible particularly with the pressure in today's society to look perfect. Most women do not follow through with any kind of regular skin care regime, it is always down to being too busy and not having the time.

Simple routines do not take much time and when you begin to see a change in the feel and look of your skin you really do take the time. Hydrating, nourishing and feeding the skin with the right products will ultimately turn back time.

What are the biggest mistakes women are making when it comes to their skincare ?

The biggest mistakes women make in their skincare regime firstly is to believe everything we read in the media and secondly to remember we are all different and what works for one does not necessarily work for another.

What three products we should always use ? 

I dont think is what three products you should use but more of how you use them. Cleansing the skin is vitally important but most people don't remove make-up, SPF or surface pollution completely which in turn affects other products from penetration into the skin to work at their optimum level. Most of us do not apply enough product in fear to them breaking out in spots. This may have been true decades ago as the main base of skin cream was lanolin or sheep fat where today most products are water-based and absorb into the skin not blocs the surface.

Here in UAE our skin is subjected to extreme conditions, including heat, sun, humidity, and A/C. What's the best way to protect our skin from the elements and keep wrinkles at bay ?

Every different country has it's own conditions from the UAE to living in extreme cold. Heat, sun, humidity and A/C wherever you live are dealt with in the same way. We know not to be exposed to direct sunlight wherever we are. A/C will dehydrate the skin in the same way in England heating does. Humidity is more complicated as the air in the rainforest is humid but the air in the desert is dry. We have adapted to our environment over many generations which is why in The Middle East salt is essential in the diet. If we sweat more just drinking water will not replace the loss of body salt which is why diet in any country plays an important role to good skin.

What about a big blemish that's suddenly appeared ?

If a spot suddenly appears the worst thing you can do is squeeze it. You can damage the surface and it may leave a scar or pigmentation. Also, what happens is the spot it immediately fill up again and you squeeze again. You are then squeezing out clear liquid which the body has actually produced to repair the problem. Generally, left alone blemishes will disappear and in the short term can always be covered with concealer.

10. Is it  true that the more expensive cream, the more effective it is ?

No not necessarily otherwise the consumers who buy very expensive products should all look amazing and people who only buy what they can afford would look terrible.

What do you think is the biggest cause of skin ageing, and how  can we prevent it ?

Skin ages differently in every person. If you take Black and Asian skin the structure is different say Caucasian as in both the dermis is thicker. If the skin is much thinner, it will course age more quickly. The bone structure also plays an important role. If the jaw is square as that of men, it was always seen as masculine and not very feminine as far as young women were concerned. However, as we age this shape of bone structure helps support the skin as gravity takes hold. Having a heart shaped face when younger may have been envied but as we do age there is no support and therefore age much quicker in the lower part of the face directly under the cheekbone. So as you can see these are only 2 reasons I have mentioned and there are more.

Good skin : genetics or lifestyle ?

Approximately, 60% comes from Genetics and the rest lifestyle. There are however, certain aspects that affect our body and in turn our skin, we have no control over such as the environment we now live in which has been flooded with synthetic chemicals for several decades. Diet is a huge issue and of course the lifestyle aspect is more emotional stress which affects our skin.
We now all live in a world full of toxins and synthetic chemicals, in the form of medication, hormones and preservatives in our food. This has dramatically changed the natural balance inside our bodies and of course our skin. 

With so many different types of products on the market it can get confusing. What do we actually need?

Yes, there are far too many products on the market today but that is because most of the cosmetic giants don't discontinue many products just keep adding more. We do need variationof products or I should say ingredients that deal with different problems.
We need :

HUMECTANTS to draw moisture from the environment to help hydration

EMOLLIENTS to improve and replace lost nutrients 
OCCLUSIVE products to seal in the first two and  prevent de-hydration.


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