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A   P E R F E C T   C O M B I N A T I O N

Face Scrub

The essential skin preparation combination of Enzyme Peel & Hydrating Gel. Water based products and essential ingredients can only penetrate into the skin if the surface layers are free from any build-up of dead skin cells. Enzyme Peel contains natural enzymes of papaya and pineapple, that when applied to the skin, will simply dissolve dead cells leaving the skin feeling smooth and silky.

Hydrating Gel acts as a unique and refreshing gel peel that also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This is achieved by building up layers of Hydrating Gel which hydrates below the surface, revealing a much plumper, firmer skin. In order to maximize hydration do not allow the product to dry before applying more. Enzyme Peel should be applied before Hydrating Gel, preparing your skin for your preferred moisturiser, a light fluid moisturiser such as LM2 is an ideal next step.

Beautiful skin begins with a smooth and clean surface. Proper exfoliation removes the build-up of dead skin cells and improves skin texture and quality but must be carried out with care. The thickness of the skin varies in every individual and therefore choosing the right exfoliation product along with the frequency of use is vital otherwise new surface layers may be damaged.


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