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  T R I E D   A N D   T E S T E D   T R A V E L   A D V I C E 


Travelling any distance can have an impact on our skin not just related to flying but also change of diet. De-hydration will increase during any flight more so long haul so drink more water is necessary but protecting the surface from losing moisture is also important. Diet is one of the main factors leading to topical issues so don't be surprised if your skin reacts to different food it's  normal.

Hydrating Mist from Linda Meredith would be my first choice on a short haul flight as it can be applied over make-up if the skin begins to feel tight. However, I would always remove my make-up during a long flight, spray with Hydrating Mist and apply Amazon. This product has ingredients which prevent moisture loss from the surface keeping the skin hydrated. I would also take an Oxygen mask to apply when I reach my destination.


Long Haul Flights

Skin maintenance while travelling has to be one of my most asked questions. Fortunately, with just a bit of planning, we can make those long hours in the air work for us and for our skin. 
1. Remove all your makeup.

2. Mist for moisture. 
Spritz your face with mist spray to prepare your skin for your serums and masks, and to maintain hydration and awaken your skin. 

Try:  Hydrating Mist from Linda Meredith  

3. Apply serum.

4. Nourish with oil. 
Then, apply a nourishing face oil over your face, neck, décolletage, eyes, lips and cuticles to keep your skin supple and moist.

5. Apply a mask. 
For those longer flights, before sleeping apply a rich night cream or balm to lock in moisture and protect your skin from the dry, air conditioned cabin air.
Try : Net 45 from Linda Meredith

6. Drink a lot of  still water. 
Swap alcohol and coffee for herbal tea and still water, and avoid the salty airplane food as this only encourages water retention and puffiness. If you’re prone to swelling  always, always wear compression stockings .

7. Decant your product. 
Decant your product into small travel bottles and jars so you don’t need to carry as much or have products confiscated by airport security. Don’t forget to take disposable wet wipes to clean your hands. There is just nothing worse than touching your face with dirty hands.

8. Adjust your skincare accordingly.
Adjust your skincare depending on your destination’s climate. If you’re travelling to a cold climate swap your gel cleanser for an oil cleanser and apply a nourishing antioxidant serum. Apply an eye serum to the eye area as well as your nose and lips, then add a broad spectrum SPF moisturiser for day — sunscreen is still essential even in Winter!

9. Layer oil under cream.
Layer your body oil underneath a rich body cream as soon as you get out of the shower and try not to leave the aircon on in your hotel room while sleeping — this causes serious dehydration and flaky, devitalised skin. 

10. Swap in hydrating formulas.
For the evening swap your retinol or AHA serum for a hydrating or restorative formula. Layer your serum underneath a rich occlusive night cream or balm - I apply  Amazon from Linda Meredith over my entire face, neck and décolletagé!


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