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U N D E R S T A N D I N G    S K I N  

There is so much more to skin than what we see on surface. Let's take a deeper look.

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W O R K I N G   W I T H   L A Y E R S 

Our first concern is with the epidermis and the dead skin cells which are trapped on the surface. The epidermis is made up of 5 main layers but the outermost layer Stratum Corneum has around 20 layers which may vary with each client. This top layer represents three quarters of the strat


F E E D I N G   T H E   S K I N 

Products are made up of molecules and these molecules all have different sizes  - some ingredients can absorb much deeper while some remain on the surface.

The smaller molecule ingredients,  those that ' feed the skin ', they penetrate the deepest and are usually the most beneficial to the skin, however certain ingredients are also important to protect the surface layers. 

Crucially LM products are 95 % water based. Water is the ideal delivery system to support the beneficial ingredients as the molecules are small and easily absorbed.


T H E   S K I N   W E   L I V E   I N 

Every person is different, tailoring your routine and understanding how your skin will react to certain ingredients and products is very important, this will determine whether the product or treatment will actually perform well. This is a crucial part of the Linda Meredith Philosophy. 
It is important to understand that different ethnic races have a different rate of absorption when applying products to their skin. For example, with black skin the absorption rate is much slower than in Caucasian skin which is why we may need to vary our treatment for different nationalities. 

Working on different nationalities will vary , it is important to adapt the treatments and recommended products to achieve the best possible results. Age is not an issue but the thickness and sensitivity are. Stronger treatments on fine skin could be problematic but the same treatment on thicker skin could be stunning. 

"My job is to make the visual look of our skin amazing but to do that we need to look much deeper to establish what treatments work better for each client and where each product works effectively."

Linda Meredith

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