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W H Y    D O U B L E   C L E A N S E ?

Face Foam

Double Cleansing in the evening is an essential part of skin preparation and recommended for any skincare routine.

Cream Cleanser contains natural fruit oils to relax and soften the skin, perfect for removing topical products such as SPF, make-up and surface pollution. Beneath the surface, there still may be a build up of sebum and toxins, preventing the penetration of essential nutrients to feed and support healthy skin.

Gel Cleansers foamy, lathered cleanse removes any remnants of surface pollution and excels beneath the surface layers. Salicylic Acid works to break down trapped sebum and toxins, allowing the skin to breath and work at its optimum level. Application of Cream Cleanser is recommended first, followed by Gel Cleanser.

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