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W H Y   Y O U   S H O U L D  G E T  F A C I A L S  M O N T H L Y 


I recommend getting a facial every four to six weeks to match up with the life cycle of your skin cells. Your skin cells renew themselves every 28 days. So, by the time you stop in for your next appointment, there will be a whole new layer of skin to work with. This is essential because to truly treat whatever conditions you’re experiencing, we need to reach the deepest layers of skin where any issues could be originating. While one or two sessions is great, you’ll see long-term results and progress with that dedicated, one-on-one attention from someone who cares about your skin and wants to help you achieve your goals. Each time you’ll have your facial is your chance to soak in knowledge from your Skin Specialist as she will walk you through topics like your skin type and conditions, plus product recommendations and enhancement options.

Benefits of Getting a Facial Once a Month

Detoxified skin

Our skin is exposed to pollutants in the air. Over time, the toxins accumulate on the skin and cause breakouts. Although you may cleanse and wash your face daily, facials are beneficial.

Skin exfoliation

Facials have many benefits for skin exfoliation and cleansing. Exfoliating your skin unclogs the pores on a deeper level than just cleaning it at home. It allows deep penetration of skincare products by shedding off dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oils. Without getting a facial once a month, these impurities will accumulate on your skin and widen the pores. 

Improved blood flow

A facial treatment starts with a gentle massage on your face. This relaxing process relieves the tension from your body, while improving the blood flow around your face. Improved blood circulation stimulates the lymphatic vessels and detoxifies your skin.

Skin tightening

With age, collagen production diminishes, causing the skin to lose its elasticity. The benefits of getting a facial will include slowing down the aging effects. You will appear to age more slowly with glowing, hydrated, and firm elastic skin.

Skin absorption

Regular facials will increase your skin’s absorption abilities. If your skin’s surface is too rough, cosmetic products will not be absorbed effectively into your skin. By getting a facial once a month, your skin will be prepared and readied to absorb more from skin care routines.

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